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This is a crowdfunding website for people interested in helping Thiago Cavalcanti’s ongoing MA thesis project. More specifically, it is about making a two and a half months fieldwork in Guatemala viable. As institutional (academic) fundraising for fieldwork (specially when still an MA candidate) is hard to get, this kind of public, networked funding is becoming of major interest for scientists worldwide to get things done.

Crowdfunding can be a good way for building Independent, Public and Open Access Science. It is true for the project your are visiting now because my compromise is to make results publicly available during and after the researches, and when its resources or products are not to be sold but to be shared – not only with the funders or backers, but with the whole Internet (virtually, the world).

Feel free navigate through the website’s menu for further information. It is possible for you to read more on the project itself, about the proposer, Thiago Cavalcanti and how to contribute.